The World Premiere will take place in Lithuania on November 5th, 2022 with the Kaunas Symphony Orchestra and Kaunas State Choir under the leadership of music director Constantine Orbelian.  Kaunas, in addition to being the city where Sugihara was vice-consul and where he issued the visas that saved so many lives, has been chosen as the Cultural Capital of Europe in 2022 and the performance of this new work will be one of the featured highlights of the celebration.

  • The American Premiere will be done on April 19th, 2023 in Carnegie Hall with the New York City Opera Orchestra and Chorus also under the leadership of Maestro Orbelian.

  • Concerto Budapest Symphony Orchestra, conducted by András Keller. Budapest, Hungary Spring 2023.

  • The work is also slated to be performed in the fall of 2023 with the Mexico City Philharmonic with Maestro Scott Yoo.

  • The Gewandhaus Orchestra. Leipzig, Germany January 2024.

  • Fall of 2024 Konzerthaus Orchester in the Konzerthaus, Berlin.

We invite orchestras to join us in the commissioning consortium and to be recognized in the orchestral score, as well as all concert programs and publicity.

The work is scored for solo cello, choir, and orchestra, however, as Covid-19 causes ever-changing situations, alternate, innovative configurations will be offered so as to present concerts where audiences and performers alike will feel safe.

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